Risk management
Our vast experience in this field places us in the best position to understand the needs of our clients and the fundamental impact that adequate cash flow management and the risk of doing business has on the continuing success of an enterprise. In this respect the following statistics should be noted.

Statistics – debt recovery
The table below emphasises the importance of acting fast and efficiently on prospective bad accounts, to minimise the risk of losing capital. The optimal time to hand over debtors for collection is between 60 to 90 days, depending on your terms and conditions of doing business. It is important to note that bad payers slow down your companies' collection processes.

10% - 0 - 30 days

15% - 30 - 60 days

27% - 60 - 90 days

35% - 90 - 120 days

50% - 120 days and more

Credit application
To ensure that your company improves its risk when doing business, it is of critical importance to have a consistent and effective credit control policy. The basis of any effective credit control policy is a comprehensive and current credit application form. MC van Dyk & Associates cc is able to offer you this additional service. Please ask your Portfolio / Account Manager for further details.


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